Where is the complete, canonical list of magic links to the Help Center? The list in Laura's answer here seems quite short.


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I think that it is complete, because when balpha created magic links, he didn't write more links than Laura (except of adding links to the tour).


It would appear that nicael is correct, that's the complete list. Here's the most complete list of magic links I can find (both help center and other), from Laura's answer and the balpha answer nicael linked to:

Magic Links

  • Characters within the magic links can be any mix of upper and lower case. Some, but not all, of the magic links will respect the case used in the magic link and use the same case for the link text. This is noted in the entry for those which respect case.
  • On localized sites, the link text for each of the below magic links is localized.

Supported magic links in comments

  • [meta] – link to the current site's Meta; link text is the site name (e.g. "Meta Super User"). Does nothing if the site doesn't have (or already is) a Meta site.

  • [main] – like [meta], just the other way around (i.e. it doesn't work on main sites; only works on meta sites which have an associated main site).

  • [edit] – link to the edit page for the post the comment is on, i.e. /posts/{id}/edit. Link text is "edit" (capitalization is respected).

  • Help center links. Link text for all of these is "help center":

    • [help] – links to the help center (/help).
    • [meta-help] – links to "What is meta?" (/help/whats-meta)
    • [help/on-topic] – links to "What topics can I ask about here?" (/help/on-topic)
    • [help/dont-ask] – links to "What types of questions should I avoid asking?" (/help/dont-ask)
    • [help/behavior] – links to "What kind of behavior is expected of users?" (/help/behavior).
  • [tour] or [about] – links to (<main site>/tour). Link text is "tour" (capitalization is respected). Legacy magic link [about] is still supported.

  • [meta-tour] or [meta-about] – links to (<meta site>/tour). These only work on meta sites. Link text is "tour" (capitalization is respected). Legacy magic link [meta-about] is still supported.

  • [ask] – link to the "How to Ask" page. Link text is "How to Ask".

  • [answer] – link to the "How to Answer" page. Link text is "How to Answer".

  • Links to the front page of Stack Exchange sites (link text is the site name):

  • [chat] – link to the current site's chat site (https://chat.stackoverflow.com/ for SO, https://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/ for Meta SE, https://chat.stackexchange.com/ everywhere else, that last one showing a list of active rooms from the referring site), the link text being "{site name} Chat".

  • On Stack Overflow and localized Stack Overflow sites (these do not work on the associated meta sites):

    • [mcve], [reprex], [repro], [mre] and [example] – link to the Minimal Complete & Verifiable Example page for the site. Link text is "minimal reproducible example", or localized text on localized sites. Capitalization doesn't matter and is not respected.
  • Tags (these work in questions, answers, comments, and chat, but are not formatted as tags in comments):
    [Note that if you're on meta, [tag:tag-name] will still point to the main site. Except on Meta Stack Exchange, which doesn't have a main, [tag:tag-name] makes no difference from [meta-tag:tag-name].]

    • [tag:tag-name] creates a link to the named tag on the main site. e.g
    • [meta-tag:meta-tag-name] creates a link to a tag on meta. e.g

Supported magic links in chat

In chat, only a limited subset of the magic links listed for comments work, plus one chat-specific magic link.

Chat supports the following magic links: [meta], [main], [ask], [answer], all the links to specific sites, and tag links (with tag formatting). Chat also adds [chat-faq], which results in "chat faq".

The tag magic links work as expected on Stack Overflow Chat and Meta Stack Exchange Chat. However, on Stack Exchange Chat, the chat room in which you use the magic link must be associated with a specific Stack Exchange site, and will take on the formatting of tags on that site. When the room is not associated with a specific Stack Exchange site, the text used for the tag magic link receives no special processing.

Supported magic links in questions and answers

On main sites, only the [tag:tag-name] magic links are supported in questions and answers.

On meta sites, only the [tag:tag-name] and [meta-tag:meta-tag-name] magic links are supported in questions and answers.

All of the other magic links are not supported in questions and answers.

  • @ashleedawg - It's a community wiki, you can add things directly. (That "If you find more or more are added, please add them above." at the end...) But I've added [mcve]. Aug 14, 2018 at 7:16
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    If curious about which magic links are used most (or ever!) and by whom, here's a query.
    – ashleedawg
    Aug 21, 2018 at 12:26
  • Hmm [metase] not working on Skeptics...
    – LShaver
    Jan 29, 2020 at 15:12

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