While reviewing First Posts on Stack Overflow just now, I ran across an answer that gave a solution in code with an explanation in a language not English. Note that the question was in English. I flagged an answer as Very Low Quality only to subsequently realize that the code appears to be a pretty good solution. I realized it probably would have been better to simply edit the post with a translation, keeping the original because machine translations can suck sometimes.

I hate to waste the attention of our illustrious moderators, so I would like to recall or take-back the flag somehow. Is there a way I can do that?

The Help Center has this to say about removing flags:

Is there any way to remove flags?

There is often no need, as offensive and spam flags expire after 48 hours if the thresholds aren't reached.

Rolling back a post to a previous state will revert to the number of offensive flags from that particular revision. This allows the OP (or someone else with edit rights) to rollback a post that someone else made offensive in a later revision. However as a general user, once you mark a post as offensive, you cannot take it back.

This, however, only seems to speak to spam flags. Specifically, is there a way I can voluntarily remove one of my own flags?

If not, I would like to suggest adding this capability.


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You can't voluntarily remove your own flag.

Suggestions to add option to remove were already raised there (on Meta Stack Exchange).

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