When you edit a post, whose latest "edit" was a rollback, the markup for the rolled-back revision is loaded in the text editor, rather than the current revision.

For example (note example will only work as long as no-one updates the subject post):

  1. Go to this post: When calling delete for LinkedList, variable is being assigned different memory
  2. Note how the following text doesn't appear after the second paragraph:

    *SOLUTION******* explicitly set currentSet to nullptr: currentSet = nullptr; ***END SOLUTION*

  3. Click "Edit"

  4. Notice how the above text is shown in the text editor.


From looking at the revision history for the post, it seems to be because the above text was edited in, then rolled back.


This was a bug in our API with selecting the proper revision to return.

The latest deploy fixed it, no app update should be necessary.

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