As far as I know, question blocks / quality warnings system tends to rather heavily penalize deleted answered questions:

The folks we're concerned about are the ones who ask a question, and then delete it as soon as they get an answer - for whatever reasons, there are folks (and used to be more of them...) who intentionally thwart the very purpose of the site - allowing answers to go on and benefit others. It's overtly abusive behavior, and doing that repeatedly is a really good way for a new user to get blocked...

When discussing one recent case of quality warning it turned out that system doesn't seem to differentiate whether answer(s) were plainly deleted along with the question or this happened as a result of migration.

I would like to better understand the reasoning behind treating these cases the same. I expect this to help me discuss blocks / warnings related to migrated questions.

  • it seems that penalizing for answers deleted at migration is not intended: "Irrelevant unless mod-deleted; counts as a closed question." – Shog9
    – gnat
    Mar 12, 2015 at 8:16


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