Could we have keyboard shortcuts for reviewing? Something to the effect of:

  • a - Approve/Looks OK
  • e - Edit
  • r - Reject/Recommend Deletion
  • s - Skip

Each of the queues do have their own options, so that makes it a little less cut-and-dry as to which keys should do what.

Now, you probably think this is a bad idea due to the existence of robo-reviewers; however, the suggested edit queue now locks questions to reviewers for three minutes, which prevents the sniping issue.

In addition, I don't think that pressing a repeatedly will be much quicker than clicking "Accept" for robo-reviewers.

What say you?

  • Did people downvote this because it would be equally good for QoL of robo-reviewers as non-robo-reviewers? It's already easy enough to robo-review that giving keyboard shortcuts will probably not change the amount of robo-reviewing. If that's the only reason, I disagree. I would personally like to have this. If I was a robo-reviewer and wanted optimal quality of life, there are probably way more effective ways to go hands free (but I don't want to give anyone ideas). Dec 12, 2022 at 8:41

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I suppose that by reviewing you actually mean reviewing (editing, voting, commenting, etc) and not just clicking buttons to earn badges. If you spend some time reviewing a post, spending half a second to click a button won't matter.

Keyboard shortcuts will just bring much more robo-reviewers and simplify their activity.

Is there any Particular Reason in implementation of keyboard shortcuts for review?

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