I'm currently writing my Master Thesis in Computer Science and would like to briefly mention the impact of Stackoverflow.com on a developer's workflow. Additionally I'd like to point the popularity of different technologies by looking at the amount of questions tagged with each.

Having used the search engine, I'm a little bit confused about its results. In my case I want everything tagged with "xamarin" (A Crossplatform Framework), hence I'll start a search with [xamarin] as parameter. Turned out there are 4600 questions currently tagged. Next, I want to narrow that search by excluding old questions, so I'll start another one with the parameters [xamarin] created: 2013..2014. This query should filter the 4600 results, showing only those questions, that were created between 01.01.2013 and 31.12.2014. The result for this query are 9121 questions, however, so more than my unconstrained search.

Did I miss anything? Is the unconstrained search already filtering something by default?


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When searching on tags only questions are returned.

The additional parameter causes answers to be returned as well, so you will want to constrain further:

[xamarin] created:2013..2014 is:question

That will return ~4,400 posts.

  • Thanks, that explains the difference ! :)
    – Saiph
    Oct 15, 2014 at 10:12

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