I'm missing results in the "newest" tag-search results: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/boost+or+boost-phoenix+boost-spirit+boost-spirit-qi+boost-spirit-phoenix+boost-asio

enter image description here

It should include at least this question:

enter image description here

(all screenshots taken same exact moment ± 20s)

Possibly related:


You are missing a few or keywords in the search query if you are looking for posts with any of those tags. Your link leads to a search with the following search string:

[boost] or [boost-phoenix] [boost-spirit] [boost-spirit-qi] [boost-spirit-phoenix] [boost-asio]

This search will find posts that have the tag, or all of the other tags you list in the rest of the search string.

To search for posts that contain any of the tags, use a search string with an or between each pair of tag names:

[boost] or [boost-phoenix] or [boost-spirit] or [boost-spirit-qi] or [boost-spirit-phoenix] or [boost-asio]

The result of this search includes the "missing" post highlighted in the question.

  • Aaaarg. I feel silly now. I must have at one time gotten used the wrong link from my browser history, and not noticed it in a loooong time. Thanks. – sehe Oct 18 '14 at 21:30

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