Is it possible to post to a Stack Exchange blog from a desktop blogging app? How?

I'm personally most interested in posting from MS Word, because that's where my source material is already held, but am open to other Wordpress recommended programs as well.

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Blogoverflow is standard WordPress - just give your desktop blogging app the correct credentials and it should work without any issues. I haven't used MS Word for anything like this (to me it is a word processor with badly implemented integration with anything, including other MS products) so I would try one of the other programs on that list.

Personally, however, I wouldn't bother. It is so simple to just paste your content into WordPress directly.

  • I tried setting up Live Writer, but it asks for username and password credentials for logging in. *.blogoverflow is set to only allow OpenID. Also pasting not so simple for me. The experience which prompted the question was spending 15 minutes removing extra carriage returns and re-adding heading styles and so on to pasted content, and still having pictures to go. Oct 23, 2014 at 16:23

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