I just noticed a bug in the Android app v1.0.51: reputation events from tag wiki edit suggestions aren't shown in the Achievements list on the Android app. This is from a HTC One running Android 4.4.3.

The following screenshots were taken within a minute of each other.

Website achievements list: some +2's

I have two tag wiki suggested edit approvals in this screenshot

Android app: they don't show up

same reputation events, but the tag wiki suggested edit approvals are missing


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This appears to have been fixed (with a new version of the API, not an update of the Android app itself). From the What's New section of the iOS app:

All your reputation changes are in the achievements popup, not just ones related to posts. I actually added this in the API, so you probably already saw it, but this is the only spot where I get to say what's new.

enter image description here

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