I would like to know how many times in my entire life on Stack Exchange can I earn badges like vox-populi and suffrage, because I'm fully using my right to vote(that too responsibly!)(except once) and I know when those badges are awarded, my question is if I use my all votes on both questions and answers everyday, is there any possibility that I'll get those two badges everyday?

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No, the Suffrage and Vox Populi badges are awarded once per site, for when you use a total of 30 and 40 votes for the first time in a UTC day respectively.

Please consult this list for badges that can be earned once or more than once. The ones relevant for this question:

Suffrage - Used 30 votes in a day (once)

Vox Populi - Used the maximum 40 votes in a day (once)

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  • @Integrator have edited with a link and further information
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