Where can I ask questions about the beagle bone black and programming issues for it?

I've been thinking of buying a beagle bone black which will be able to get android or Linux installed on it. I heard programming a cortex chip is quite difficult compared with Arduino etc. and thought I'd check some questions from others first.

But when I did that on electronics engineering I found just a few questions and barely an answer on it.

(I'm about to create a new boardcomputer for a solar boat.)


For the programming side, Stack Overflow is the right place. There are some 300 questions tagged BeagleBone Black.

For the hardware design part, I don't see why EE would't be a fit. Currently 40 questions under BeagleBone Black, approx. 80% of which have at least one answer. (The also take programming questions as long as they are about writing of firmware for bare-metal or RTOS applications.)

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    Oh, right. I've been selecting the wrong search type. I've been searching for titles with beagle bone on it instead of searching for beagle bone tags. Thanks! – Handoko Nov 16 '14 at 15:25

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