I tend to answer my own questions if they remain unanswered for some time, and I wondered this:

If I edit my question within 12 hours before or after answering it, like I do with others' questions, will that count as progress toward the Explainer, Refiner, and Illuminator answer badges?


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No. Per the requirements documented here:

Edited n questions within 12 hours of posting an answer (that's 12 hours before or after answering), where:

  • The question was asked by someone other than the answerer
  • Neither the questions nor the answers are deleted
  • The questions are not closed
  • The answers score > 0
  • The question edits changed either body, titles, or both

I picked a self answered question on SO, seems to meet requirements.

This one seems to qualify too.

Looks like you don't get those badges for self-answered questions.

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