I have a quick question about profiles or the "about me" section of your profile, I know a lot of people might feel it's nonsense but hey: I respect your opinion so don't brush off, just let me know what you think...

I have seen people link their blogs, facebook, or twitter, etc... - so I want to know how deep can you go with your profile - with deep being the definition of can anything, you put in your profile not seem to look like spam, or self exposure, or abusing the site or violating it??

What I intend to do after getting a response from you guys is link or add referrals, banners, projects, or other content that tends to only merit me.

By the way, I am a young developer so improvements and progression is what I am yearning for...!


Go for it.

There's no restriction on how self promoting you can be in your About Me. (We generally cut users a pretty wide berth in that field; the only thing that's frequently moderated there is content that appears to be offensive to many others).

In fact, that's the best place to share projects, blogs, businesses, or other things you want others to know about.

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