Problem: Using Mobile Safari, the Subscribe button for email subscription gets pressed, but it doesn't create the subscription.

Expected: The Subscribe button would redirect you to the confirmation/success page.

Repro on iPhone Mobile Safari:

  1. Log into the careers.stackoverflow.com site
  2. Perform a search for a location. Mine was "Kelowna BC". https://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/subscribe?location=Kelowna%2c+BC%2c+Canada&range=100&distanceUnits=Miles

  3. Click the link for "Subscribe to these search criteria by email"

  4. The subscription currently doesn't exist yet (i.e. not a duplicate)
  5. Click the orange subscribe button. The animation of down-press occurs, but the page doesn't navigate away to the next step.


  • iOS 8.1.1
  • iPhone 5

enter image description here

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There was indeed a bug on mobile safari, it should be all good now.

You might need to refresh the page to benefit from the fix.

Thank you for your report!

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