Apps & Software

Here is the Apps & Software part in English:

Apps & Software

Here is the same part on the French version:

Applications et logiciels

The word application has been incorrectly translated to candidature. The french word candidature can be translated as candidacy or application. But a candidature is an application for a job or a loan, so the translation is wrong in this context.

I suggest that you use ajouter une application... or ajouter un logiciel....


Here is the Background part in English:


Here is the same part on the French version:


Once again, the translation is incorrect because of the context: an arrière-plan is a background but only in the context of an image or a landscape. If you ask a French person what his arrière-plan is, he will probably look behind him to see his background.

My suggestion is Contexte (as written in the description text), it may not be the best word to express the idea of the background but with the text below it will be perfectly clear.


Sacrebleu !

The word application is now correctly translated as per your suggestion (ajouter une application)

The Background section has been translated to Plus d'informations, which is probably not perfect either but encourages the user to fill the section with extra info.

Thank you for your report and your suggestions!

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    I love the space before your ! :) – yo' Dec 9 '14 at 20:07
  • I suggest Davantage d'informations or Informations complémentaires instead of Plus d'informations because Plus d'informations is ambiguous, it can be understood as More information or No more information (Plus [aucune] information). – A.L Dec 9 '14 at 20:11

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