I posted two bounties on one of my questions (Should the questions about the API be posted only on Stackapps (and not MSE)?):

  • the first one was started in July with 50 points and was lost (not awarded to anyone)
  • the second (and last) one was started with 100 points this month and has been awarded to Anna Lear ♦ after the grace period

The bounty is correctly displayed next to the answer of Anna Lear, and that's the only bounty displayed:

Anna Lear's answer

See the Bounties tab on my profile:


According to this tab the user has been awarded the two bounties but:

  • This user hasn't been awarded by any bounty from me
  • The datetime for the 50 points bounty is wrong: if the user had been awarded it should have been in July

It seems that offering a bounty multiple times for the same question has caused problems.

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The way I read the bounties tab you show us, the only thing bjb568's name mean there is that this user is the last person who performed an edit on one of the posts (question or answer) related to the questions on which you put a bounty. The name is not there to indicate who got the bounty.

So I don't see a problem there.

  • You're right, I didn't see that. Thanks! Commented Dec 11, 2014 at 17:08

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