I initially asked my question on sof, which I now realize is clearly the wrong place:

So, as the title indicated - someone who is not my friend, neither to whom I am following, +1'd my post on google+, how could I then go follow him or add him to my circles? I got the notification, which shows the person that did the +1, but there is no link for me to access that person's profile page. And I searched the person by name, tons of having the same name!

I'm trying to post it on the correct site now, so I thought it best to ask here rather than risk adding noise in the wrong place again.


Questions about Google+ (assuming you're not talking about the Android or iPhone app) are on-topic at Web Applications.

Your question, as written, may not do very well however. There needs to be some more descriptive detail of the issue. Screen shots would be awesome.

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