Why didn't I receive an "Aztec" hat, when I clearly have 20 hats?

At the moment I received my 20th hat on the SE network, I wasn't awarded a "Aztec" hat. Even after 30 minutes of the hat counter displaying 20, the Aztec wasn't added.
Only when I got my 21st hat, the Aztec was immediately added.

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    -7? Guys, is the question really that bad? It's closed as duplicate already, any way... I could't find anything about the Aztec hat, and I wasn't involved in last year's hat extravaganza, so I could hardly know there was a similar hat last year... If it weren't for the answer, I'd have long deleted the question already, but I can't. – Cerbrus Dec 16 '14 at 15:23

Once you earn 20 hats on a single site, you earn the Aztec hat. Earning 20 hats across the network doesn't count.

It's the same as The Milliner hat from Winterbash 2013.

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  • Well @#$/... that is really the only hat I really like, and it is doubtful I have a chance to earn it this way... – Michael Dec 31 '14 at 3:14

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