I've seen many people with rotated hats (i.e. presented at certain angle). How to achieve this?

I've tried to manipulate with mouse on current hat, but I see only drag cursor and I can only move or drag my hat or I can resize it, if I reach borders of my photo. Clicking right mouse on either current hat or on any of received hats doesn't bring anything around rotation.

Am I that blind? Where is the Rotate Hat button?

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    Agree, that this is a duplicate, but... for the sake of God... beside saying-nothing title and a question about previous year Bash, the correct answer is a one-line update to an answer given a year ago. Must admit, that it would be hard to find it using search... – trejder Dec 17 '14 at 8:37

When you are on the hat window on your profile, select "show controls". Then you'll see controls which you can use to rotate, resize and move your hat.

Controls for hats

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enter image description here

And that's how you do it.

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Check the show controls box when you are selecting a hat:

show controls

Two controls appear; one for moving the image (on the right), and one for rotating and sizing (at the top):

controls shown

Drag the top control closer to the hat to size, left and right to rotate:

rotated boat

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