In the Get a Stack Overflow Careers profile page (note: must be logged out of Careers to see the page, otherwise you'll reach your own profile) there is a link See a sample profile:

However, as you can see it's leading to a 404 error page. No sample for us. Can the user please be called back to arms, or replaced with someone less evasive?

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For sample profiles we simply find a profile that has the following properties:

  • public
  • belongs to a developer
  • has a route associated with it

Alas Max's profile is no longer public and the fact that it is still trying to show it is possibly down to caching. When I visit the page I now see Nick's profile - can you verify you see the same?

UPDATE: Turns out this was slightly inconsistent across the code base; in the case above we didn't filter for profiles that are public. I've pushed a change that makes sure we use the same mechanism for finding sample profiles everywhere! That should sort it. Thanks for finding :)


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