First of all, my profile picture on Programmers SE has changed by itself. If I recall correctly, the moment I clicked on the edit link, or when I made a change in one of the fields (not sure), the picture just changed by itself to what appeared to be Identicon.

On other sites, if I try to change my profile picture, I have Gravatar and Identicon options. As far as I can tell, only on Programmers SE, I don't have a Gravatar option, only Identicon. I'd like to use Gravatar on this site just like the others. This was working fine until a few days ago when I made a completely unrelated change to my profile.


The gravatar option is only available when gravatar thinks it has an actual profile picture for your email address. You have a different email address on the programmers profile (changed on Dec 18) vs all the other sites. That email has no profile picture uploaded on gravatar, that's why you can only see an identicon.

  • Thanks, I could resolve the problem by updating my email address. I thought using the Save and copy changes to all Stack Exchange communities on another site with the correct email address fix it too, but it didn't. – janos Dec 23 '14 at 10:03

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