In my posts I prefer to post reference material and links if possible to sources. Is this not necessary or does that make for a more proper answer?

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Unless you're Jon Skeet (which is The Source©) it is always better to include references to official documentation, extensive blog-posts, articles, videos or training material because it enables others

  • to verify the correctness of your answer
  • to gain more in-depth or wider knowledge about the orginal problem
  • to learn where to look the next time if anyone encounters a similar problem

By adding the sources you used to be able to answer the question teaches the OP and the visitors of the question how to fish which is a better survival technique than just handing over the prepared fish-and-chips.

Answers that teaches how to fish deserves upvotes.

Here is post about how to handle questions that ask for fish
And here is an answer how to handle answers that only present fish

  • Great, and thank you for the additional material! Dec 25, 2014 at 18:11

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