When editing a post on a site where MathJax is enabled there in "how to format" there is a link Mathjax help which points to a page not as useful as the Mathjax tutorial on http://meta.math.stackexchange.com.

So I suggest to replace that link with MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference


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Ok, here's how this works:

  • http://legacy-www.math.harvard.edu/texman/ is the default guide for all sites that have MathJax enabled. It's pretty generic, and that's a good thing.
  • Any site with MathJax enabled can request that a different guide be used for this purpose. Ideally, they'll write one specific to the needs of their community, but if they want to link to Mathematics' guide instead that's fine too - as long as they don't mind it being specific to Math's needs in some ways (and, obviously, controlled by folks with editing rights on Math's meta).

At this moment (7 Oct 2019), seven sites (plus six meta sites) have custom MathJax help pages:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics (same as Mathematics)
    • Physics Meta (same as Mathematics)
  3. Computational Science (same as Mathematics)
    • Computational Science Meta (same as Mathematics)
  4. Engineering
    • Engineering Meta (same as Engineering)
  5. Earth Science
    • Earth Science Meta (same as Earth Science)
  6. Chemistry
    • Chemistry Meta (same as Chemistry)
  7. Crypto
    • Crypto Meta (same as Crypto)

Any other site wishing to change theirs should post a feature request on their meta site (ideally after writing their own guide).

Note: as of 3/13/2019, this also affects the "learn more" link shown on /editing-help#latex

  • Should we (get somebody who knows about MathJax to) create a better SE-targeted page based on the popular meta posts, and then add that to the help center for sites using MathJax? (Site-specific additions are possible; SO has the "how to write a minimum complete verifiable example" entry.) Dec 16, 2016 at 19:43
  • If someone wanted to adapt these for a general audience, we could add it as a help-center page. I'd still want to allow for these per-site overrides in cases where a given site's usage is significantly different from the general case.
    – Shog9
    Dec 16, 2016 at 19:55
  • Yeah, not trying to force something down sites' throats if they have individual needs; it sounded like there was some unneeded duplication going on so I wanted to ask. (I'm not a MathJax user myself.) Dec 16, 2016 at 20:01
  • @MonicaCellio Already exists: math.stackexchange.com/help/notation and physics.stackexchange.com/help/notation (at these two sites, at least)
    – user315433
    Dec 16, 2016 at 20:09
  • Thx @Shog9 for the clarification. I think it might be useful if (maybe additionally to what Monica Cellio suggested) you could in the future amend your answer here with links to new Mathjax pages on SE.
    – guntbert
    Dec 16, 2016 at 20:11
  • @zaq oh, thanks. I think Worldbuilding will want to get some of that. Dec 16, 2016 at 20:23
  • Trivia: technically Mathematics is a special case in that it uses the custom page in a slightly different way than the rest... In practice, this probably doesn't matter.
    – Shog9
    Dec 20, 2016 at 5:11
  • Harvard redesigned their site but they didn't port the texman url: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/341346/… and Google didn't index that new site yet (nor is their an on-site search) so I have no idea if it got a new place or was simply left out.
    – rene
    Dec 31, 2019 at 16:03
  • Thanks for digging into this, @rene - updated.
    – Shog9
    Dec 31, 2019 at 16:58

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