When I have the main site open in one tab and the general discussion for the same site open in another. I can't tell them apart from the browser tab title.

enter image description here

As you can see in the screenshot, I can't tell the chat from the main site. Changing the title for the chat tab would be helpful. I see this feature request for Different favicon for chat window/tab and that might work too.


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The default name for a site's chat room is "$sitename Chat", leading to ambiguity unless you have very few (or wide) browser tabs, but there's no reason you need to keep that name. Many sites rename their chat rooms. Here are a couple tabs from my browser; even without the "(1*)" telling me that somebody wants my attention in that room, I'd be able to tell which is the site and which is the chat room by the names:

Mi Yodeya and its chat room

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