In order to get new questions, Startups SE Beta is hosting a "Startups Startup" event, where teams are creating a startup with virtually no monetary investment. Any needed resources are reused from old projects (i.e. old domain names, unused hosting, etc.). They're using this to generate content by requiring every major decision backed by a new question.

This is a great idea to get new questions and content! Imagine the possibilities. I suggested that they donate any money generated, just to encourage people to participate. I started thinking about this idea and how it could be applied to a lot of sites on the Stack Exchange network. Arduino SE? We could do a small open source project!

Of course, all of these projects should be focused on creating new content while bringing the community closer in a fun way (with donations to charities/open source code as a great byproduct that can be "watermarked" to point to the SE community for advertising). I've seen competitive competitions get a lot of attention by a community.

Would this be feasible to do on a much larger scale? How could we refine this idea to benefit the whole network? We'll have to see how this plays out, but I'm actually really excited by this idea.

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