For example, the question I want to ask is like this:

I am trying to make some funny apps for some celebrities and sometimes it would reach a HUGE traffic while sometimes it won't. It's all by luck, like if the celebrity retweet my link.

I am looking for a good image hosting site to handle all the image traffic. I am ok if it's not free. Is there any recommendations? I am currently hosting the images on Cloudflare but it seems it's not always cached. I don't know why.

According to some existed data:

  1. The request could be as high as 500,000 views per image per day.
  2. We don't have a lot of different images. That means for the 500,000 views, there are only 1.png, 2.png to 20.png to be showed.
  3. Averagely a user is only to view the picture once. That means for the 500,000 views, there are likely to be 500,000 users.

I found a site called imgur but they seems not offering a high-traffic solution API. I'd like to get some more recommendations that I can try.

Is there a site on the SE network where I can ask this question?

  • If you were to post this on a site, you would probably get flagged for primarily opinion-based. I strongly recommend revising your question to receive a more factual answer. – boxspah Jan 7 '15 at 1:30

It looks like Webmasters would fit the bill, specifically tagged with [web-hosting].

Do follow the advice in the tag wiki there, and read How to find web hosting that meets my requirements? before asking your question.

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