A question got down-voted to hell, scored like -7 or -8, and I was the first one who cast a down vote.

At first, the OP got 3 reputation when posted the question:

OP reputation: 3

Question Score: 0

The reputation reduced to 1 after I down voted it:

OP reputation: 1

Question Score: -1

After a couple minutes, the question got down voted to hell:

OP reputation: 1 (locked at 1 rept.)

Question Score: -8

A nice guy jumped in and edited the post to make it a better question, so I decided to withdraw my down vote, and the situation became:

OP reputation: 3

Question Score: -7 (mine has been withdrawn)


Why OP's reputation restored to 3 ? It seems my withdrawing nullified the reputation decrease from all the other down votes. Is this a bug? After all, it seems

OP reputation: 1

Question Score: -7 (mine has been withdrawn)

is more reasonable after my withdrawing.

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    Marking as declined because there isn't really anything to do here; even if wrong, it will become right automatically. Jan 12 '15 at 14:30

The rep recalc (it's automatic) will solve this problem - system can't understand it immediatly that now the second downvote should cost 2 reps to OP.

Also, the fact that you retracted your vote didn't nullify rep loss from other downvotes - it was 0 already.

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