I don't think this qualifies as a bug, exactly, but revision 5 on this post has a terrifying side-by-side markdown diff that made me think I messed something up, when all I did was highlight all the code and hit Ctrl+K.

enter image description here

The regular side-by-side diff looks fine, though.

I guess I'm mostly leaving this here as an example of a case where the markdown diff-er fails hard, in case this is in the pipeline for being looked at somewhere down the line.

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I have just deployed a massive overhaul of the Markdown diff engine. Two of the major changes are 1) that cases like like yours now look as expected:

screenshot of the fixed diff

and 2) the left and right side of the diff line up much better, making it a lot easier to see what was added and removed where. Example (from revision 2 here):

comparison of pre- and post-fix diff

(old on the left, new on the right; click for full size). You can see that it's not perfect (the part starting with 2. A "site cache", while correct either way, is actually nicer in the old version), and no diff engine ever will, but I think it's a huge improvement.

  • What technology does StackOverflow use for storing and managing diff data? I need to make a wiki-like website (ASP.NET Core) and need to keep revision data, and am not sure what's the way to go. Commented Apr 11, 2020 at 18:17

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