Over on StackOverflow there was a recent meta post about how comment colors are applied.

When looking through the CSS of a question list, I noticed the same class names are applied to the views of a question when they're in a list. Upon asking for clarification, animuson said

The views counts do get colored too, based on completely different numbers though.

Judging from this page it seems they're applied because of view count, not vote count like comments.

So what are the view count thresholds that determine which class the view count gets?

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    Thresholds might be a better term than breakpoints.
    – Dom
    Jan 25, 2015 at 16:01

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Based on a bunch of question lists I looked at, the thresholds seem to be at the following view counts:

1-999: "cool" class
1k–9,999: "warm" class
10k–99,999: "hot" class
100k+: "supernova" class

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