While updating my careers profile I've noticed that I can't enter country names anymore as locations where I'm willing to relocate to. The problem is that if I'm willing to relocate o a different country, I might not care about the city...

The error I'm receiving when I enter a country name, e.g. Denmark:

And quoting the message itself:

Sorry, we need a more specific location than 'Denmark'. Try again?

If I enter Luxembourg, the entry gets corrected to "Luxembourg City, Luxembourg" when I click outside of the textbox, but this is not what I actually meant.

I don't know how to specify that I would be willing to work anywhere in a country or even a continent.

  • We're looking into it, will get back later today
    – rla4 StaffMod
    Commented Jan 27, 2015 at 16:47

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Uh, a "minimal precision" parameter was not passed from the UI to the server, causing the "We need a more specific location" error.

It's now fixed, you can set a country as a relocation choice. Also, Luxembourg doesn't autocomplete to "Luxembourg City, Luxembourg" anymore.

As one would expect, employers searching for candidates in New York will find the developers who are willing to relocate to "United States" (for example). However, employers cannot find candidates who have set their profile as private or have blocked the search engine (see My Profile > privacy settings.)

Thanks for your report!

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