In the reopen queue, questions are displayed with most of the influential information removed, usually giving you just the revision information.

Example of a real reopen request

In my case, I am given just the markdown changes, with no information about why it was closed and who it was closed by.

But in the case of a review audit, I'm given the original question with the notice of why it was closed, which includes who closed it. I don't have the option of viewing the markdown changes, and the vote count is displayed.

Example of an obvious review audit

It's a noticeable change that makes it really obvious that it is a review audit. I understand that audits are meant to stop robo-reviewers, and some people will surely still fail these audits, but shouldn't they look at least somewhat like a standard review?

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    I went ahead and added 300-some non-edited review tasks to the queue so you'd have a chance to observe more closely the match between these and audits...
    – Shog9
    Commented Feb 3, 2015 at 22:05

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There are three ways questions enter the reopen queue:

  1. Someone votes to reopen a closed question
  2. A question is closed that attracts some unusual number of votes / views / chickens
  3. A question is closed and then edited

You're used to seeing reviews triggered by #3. They're fairly common, and very noticeable. But there are questions that'll come up for review that haven't been edited since being closed - you reviewed one just the other day - and when such questions come up they appear just like the audits.

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