I have 3 accounts that I am deleting - however, several hours after the 24 hour (+ grace period - end about 4-5 hours ago), the countdown completed, but disappeared and the accounts are still there.

I would rather not go through another 24 hours, and would like to have these accounts deleted (and yes, I have thought about it and this decision is not up for discussion).

Currently, the accounts are still there. Could this please be seen to?


This has been taken care of. The accounts you had scheduled for deletion were just a tad bit too awesome for the system to act on it automatically, and a human being needed to push a few buttons before it went through. I've done this, and the accounts are removed (or in the process of being removed, it's a queue).

Sorry about the delay! We normally act on these well before the countdown expires, if there's going to be a delay.

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    No apology necessary! Thank you and the team for helping me out! and especially for the tad bit too awesome - made my day! – user273376 Feb 6 '15 at 12:34

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