Currently when viewing a flagged post, comment flags are displayed much like regular flags: at the bottom in a special 'window'.

When a handful of comments on the same post are flagged, especially for different reasons, especially when understanding the flag requires looking at deleted comments (I'm looking at you, obsolete), it can be annoying to handle the flag.

Please either replace the above with or add the additional functionality of: showing the comment flag in-line, that is, right next to the flagged comment. You can highlight it yellow, write the word obsolete (eg.) next to the vote button, or put a little unicorn next to it. Just something so when I show up, I can hit "deleted comments" on the left and immediately identify the flagged comments in situ (and ideally why they are flagged) without having to read through a whole conversation to get context. This would make handling those flags easier, IMO.



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