Step to reproduce

  1. Add some tags (between 6-10) into Ignored/Favorites tags
  2. Click the area outside the textbox then refresh the page
  3. Add the same tags into Ignored/Favorites tags.
  4. Repeate step 1-3 until the system begin to act weird i.e. allow you to adding the duplicate tags :(
  5. After successfully added duplicated tags, repeat step 2.
  6. After refresh, duplicated tags was cleaned from the list :)

Here the some gif animation to describe it.

duplicate tags

Although in the end the duplicate tags was cleaned, it would be very nice if we have the consistent behavior from the system.


  • This inconsistent behavior also reproducible in Stack Overflow and Server Fault.
  • This has been tested in Windows 7 with browser Chrome 40.0.2214.111 and Firefox 35.0.1

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The issue was that only the initially hidden ignored tags were not considered when checking for duplicates, as they are wrapped in a div, and the duplicate check only looked at .children() of the parent container.

Fix will be rolling out with build rev 2015.2.11.3064 on meta and 2015.2.11.2284 on sites.

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