This is either a regression or an unnoticed special case of Why do the client and server sides of StackExchange use different abbreviations for time spans? and Inconsistent time format on front pages

When a search page like this one first loads, the relative time is abbreviated in one way (m for minutes); when the timestamps refresh after a minute, they are abbreviated differently (min[s] for minutes).

Before and After:

before before after after

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    Both versions (‘3m’ and ‘3 mins’) are wrong. The unit symbol for ‘minute’ is ‘min’ and it shall remain unaltered in the plural. Do not forget the space between the numerical value and the unit symbol.
    – user271002
    Commented Feb 17, 2015 at 9:59

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Time formats will match as soon as builds rev 2015.2.18.3088 on meta and 2015.2.18.2308 on sites roll out.

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