I went to stackoverflow.com/users/edit/my_SO_id page and clicked on "See an example newsletter" link. The box with an example newsletter appeared:

enter image description here

Then I clicked on the dark zone:

enter image description here

The dark overlay vanished, but the box did not. I tried pressing Esc and the outcome was the same (no surprises here).

(I believe) The bug is reproducible on all SE sites.

  • Yup, only the "X" works. Commented Feb 18, 2015 at 16:16

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This popup still used some custom popup javascript. Most of the popups were standardized to support layering (like in the suggested edit -> improve/reject+edit case), this one somehow slipped through.

A fix is rolling out in the next build (rev 2015.2.19.3097 on meta, 2015.2.19.2316 on sites).

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