In jobs.stackoverflow.com most of the jobs are from USA and UK. Will careers.stackoverflow.com have similar employers locations?

What is being done to encourage employers from other countries to use this site?

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This is intended to be a worldwide service, and all of our location fields are fully world-aware, so yes.

As to how many there will be, I cannot say, but it is our intention to be worldwide.

(with the inevitable caveat that we have no immediate plans to localize the UI)

update: employer search stats now available:

  • 7
    Does "localize" mean just translating languages/times? No problemo. But what about the 'granularity' issues with city/whatever/country categorization? That is very much make or break, in my blunt opinion, as to whether or not CSO will be viable outside US/Canada, and maybe the UK. – Stu Thompson Oct 7 '09 at 23:03
  • Will you post locations at some point> This would encourage candidates from those area. I guess this discourage those from outside then in turn discourage employers though? – John Oct 8 '09 at 12:04
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    What Stu said. In the UK, I can either enter towns (much too local) or England (much too broad). You need to have at least counties (which mean something here!) or regions. Best of all would be a time-based distance from a point, so e.g. 90 minutes from NW1 3AP; that's hard, I know, so alternatively a distance such as 60 miles from E14 9RK might also work. – Jeremy McGee Nov 12 '09 at 15:02

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