There is a question that I asked in AskUbuntu however I am starting to wonder if I might not find more accurate and specialist help in Unix and Linux. Is this an appropriate question to cross post or re-ask?

Help: “aptd” is maxing out my CPU?


First of all, no question should ever be posted cross site (unless it clearly applies to many subjects that both sites suport (in which case it is too specific anyway)). period. It creates spam and there's reasons for it found in the help center. and here
Second, it seems like a question based on Ubuntu alone, not other Linux or Unix systems, so AskUbuntu seems like the proper site.

  • Your point is well taken regarding spam. I would not wish to be the cause of that. The process is Debian based and applies to all flavours of Linux that are based on it. However no spam trumps almost everything else for me so... no cross post. Thanks. – Matthew Brown aka Lord Matt Feb 25 '15 at 19:47

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