I thought I was supposed to use WordPress Dev. But I got two ticks from the users there that I shouldn't ask my questions there.

  • I think because they specialize in plugins and theme dev instead of newbie questions like how to set a site up. haha
    – Nick Moy
    Feb 25, 2015 at 22:31

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From WordPress.SE Help Center:

Note that we do not handle questions:
That require professional hands-on involvement: overly complex and specific things (known as work for me for free) recovering from hacks and server issues

Regarding WordPress.com support issues setup, feature, account, and other user support issues - try WordPress.com support questions regarding the use of WordPress.com - try WebApps SE.


Web Applications is the place to go if your blog is hosted on WordPress.com.

If it's a self hosted blog then you should be able to ask on the WordPress.StackExchange site.

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