I went into my profile just recently and i saw this


as you can see, just the tabs for my profile are in portugese. i asked this in the chat room i'm always in to see if anyone else was getting the same thing and apparently not. i was told to check my language settings. since i have never touched the PC ones i checked my browser


and just to show it isn't just a Beta Site, Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

However it's not happening here on Meta


I am wondering what's going on here and how can i fix it?

  • The funny thing is that the duplication link points to a question with no answer – chouaib Feb 26 '15 at 8:49
  • @chouaib there was an answer before but it had a score of -3 so i dare say someone deleted it – Memor-X Feb 26 '15 at 21:14

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