Well, could we? At first thought it seems nice. Has this been discussed before?

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    It seems nice doesn't sound like a compelling reason. – Martijn Pieters Feb 26 '15 at 18:14
  • People could use this to "scream" a question. It would not be fun. – Spotlight Feb 26 '15 at 18:16
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    No because the entire front page of SO would be flooded with: PLZ HALP URGANT PLLLLLLLLLZZ – Mysticial Feb 26 '15 at 18:16
  • @Mysticial - but that's fine. We could use a script to detect the annoying font style and auto downCloseVote all such questions. – Martin James Feb 26 '15 at 18:20

People would use this to "scream" questions, it has been suggested and denied before. As @Mysticial said, the front page of popular sites would be flooded with


It would damage the content of the sites and essentially lead to harder and more moderaton... ect.

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  • Whould these font styles not make it easier to detect the rubbish questions? – Martin James Feb 26 '15 at 18:22
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    @MartinJames No, it would just create more of them. – NoviceSEMetaGeek Feb 26 '15 at 18:23
  • @MartinJames not really, people would figure it out and game it to prevent and go under the radar. – Travis Feb 26 '15 at 18:23

If anything, I'd rather have code formatting in titles.

People are trying to do that quite often, failing spectacularly. I catch myself on trying to do that all the time (which is also, incidentally, the case with GitHub's issue titles).

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