I came across this post and decided to check its revision (to explore the source code for the YouTube video).

If we choose a view then refresh, then the views show up correctly, except for the side-by-side view:

If we start with markdown view, then switch to inline view, the view is missing the change which comes after the video (please refer to the side-by-side view above):

If we switch over to side-by-side view, it is empty:

This bug also cause an extra copy of the inline view to be appended whenever we switch between side-by-side view, then back to inline.

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    inb4 update your Flash player. – nhahtdh Mar 2 '15 at 9:32

This is (mostly) fixed now. Diffs of YouTube videos are still somewhat problematic and ugly, but at least it's mostly correct now and especially doesn't break the page anymore.

Update: With the move to the HTML5 player, I also made YouTube videos look right in narrower columns, so they now render correctly in the side-by-side diffs.

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