I registered for careers.stackoverflow.com today and everything is great except that I don't seem to get the verification email message. After waiting 30 minutes I have received nothing in my email account (hosted Google Apps email). I have checked the spam folder but can find no message. I returned and re-clicked on the "verify your email" link and again nothing. Interestingly I did receive, in a flash, the billing confirmation message at the same email address.

So, is there a deliberate delay? An issue? A bug? Or maybe Google is blocking it?


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Yep I confirmed that no mails were going out.

We were erroneously using our hosted gmail to send mails instead of our local SMTP server (this is really a local development mistake that got promoted to production, I am now calibrating my project blame-o-meter to STUN). I think we hit the gmail limit of 1500 emails per day.

I corrected that mistake, switched to our local SMTP server, and verified that mails are now going out. So you may want to click the "resend verification email" again...


I got mine in less than 10 seconds. I'm guessing something went wrong.


Me too. I'm still waiting, and it has been tens of minutes now. Spam folders have nothing. I use fastmail.fm

Something is all clogged up in that series of tubes.

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