Some appropriate resource (such as books, software, and open course) are very import for a beginner. Why not create a resource recommendation community?


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Those resources tend to disappear very often. A project on GitHub gets renamed, a blogger changes his blog URL, tutorials come and go... Dead links are impossible to maintain.

Also, we want to create and maintain knowledge, not a link database. Knowledge is much better since that can be reused and adds value. Just a bunch of links don't.


There is already a site for software recommedations - https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/ but please first read What is required for a question to contain “enough information”.

If you wish to propose a new site then the place to do so is Area 51.


As for books and similar resources, there are few, if any, people who are generally good at this. Relatedly, there is no community for this that would gather on such a Stack Exchange. Rather there are people who are knowledgable about the books on a certain subject and these people are usually also experts on the subject.

Therefore it makes much more sense to have resource-recommendation questions on books and similar on the Stack Exchanges for the respective topics, where they often are on-topic. If I am looking for a resource on the physics of spaghetti, I ask on Physics SE or Seasoned Advice; if I am looking for a book on llama wrangling, I ask on Martial Arts SE or Outdoors SE.

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