Some appropriate resource (such as books, software, and open course) are very import for a beginner. Why not create a resource recommendation community?


Those resources tend to disappear very often. A project on GitHub gets renamed, a blogger changes his blog URL, tutorials come and go... Dead links are impossible to maintain.

Also, we want to create and maintain knowledge, not a link database. Knowledge is much better since that can be reused and adds value. Just a bunch of links don't.

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There is already a site for software recommedations - https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/ but please first read What is required for a question to contain “enough information”.

If you wish to propose a new site then the place to do so is Area 51.

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As for books and similar resources, there are few, if any, people who are generally good at this. Relatedly, there is no community for this that would gather on such a Stack Exchange. Rather there are people who are knowledgable about the books on a certain subject and these people are usually also experts on the subject.

Therefore it makes much more sense to have resource-recommendation questions on books and similar on the Stack Exchanges for the respective topics, where they often are on-topic. If I am looking for a resource on the physics of spaghetti, I ask on Physics SE or Seasoned Advice; if I am looking for a book on llama wrangling, I ask on Martial Arts SE or Outdoors SE.

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