I've been using the SE app for iOS for a few weeks now, and I love it to bits. A most welcome addition to my app library. However, I have one minor niggle.

If you select your user avatar in the top left corner, in the left hand sidebar, your User Profile appears.

User Profile

Look at the "Top Communities" section, and you will see the top five communities, that the user is a member of, ordered by reputation, as is the custom of the web version. So far, so good.

Top Communities

Then under "Top Communities" select "All nn communities", to bring up all of the SE sites that one is a member of. The ordering of those sites seems a bit random, neither alphabetic, nor by reputation

All communities

Would it be possible to fix the ordering, so that it is consistent with the web version?


I incidentally just discovered and fixed this problem today when fixing this bug. The API call for /users/{id}/associated is a little problematic because it is A) a paging API without sorting and a hard page size limit of 100 and B) ordered relatively randomly based on I'm assuming database order but possibly creation date order since they appear similarly.

Fortunately we already have a function that loads the logged in user's associated accounts in bulk so I adapted it in place of the existing paging UI. This is now available in the beta channel and will be in the next app store build.

Screenshot showing Greenonline's sorted list of sites

  • Thank you, I look forward to the update. I was also going to ask if comments can be voted on, but I see that it has already been asked and fixed. Excellent work. Well done. Thanks again. :-) – Greenonline Mar 11 '15 at 5:48

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