I would like to ask this question, but I am not sure to what community it belongs:

I've been a frontend developer for some years, but sometimes I'm still in doubt as to which HTML tag to use in a certain situation. Do you know of any books or websites that gives authoritative explanations of the most important tags and their usage? (I am looking for some more synthetic resource than the w3 specification itself, as I find it most of the times long-winded)

This doesn't seem to fit stackoverflow, because it's not a specific programming problem. I would like to gather resources on the matter: is there any community where this question would fit?

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Nowhere on Stack Exchange.

Both Stack Overflow and Programmers have a "too broad" and "request for external resources" close reasons, either of which would apply here.

This isn't to say that you've got a bad question - just one that doesn't fit the Stack Exchange question and answer model.

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