When a user without moderator tools privilege (10K on most sites) opens a link to deleted question (example), they will see 404 page, which is clearly showing that the post is already deleted.

404 page

However, when they open a link to a deleted answer (example) / comment (example) on existing question, they will only see the question. There is no clear indicator that the link is supposed to be a deleted answer/comment.

I guess this is not a problem for experienced users, since they will notice it by:

  1. Looking at the URL and see if it's an answer/comment or not (indicated by post ID after the title, then
  2. See if the browser doesn't auto-scroll to any post (well, unless the connection is laggy)

But still, I believe it'd be better if SE shows a notification to show that the answer/comment is already deleted, perhaps looking like this?

deleted answer notification

One of the reason why I think it'd be useful is for spam/offensive answer hunting on chatroom. I understand that these flags should be used very carefully. When flagging spam question, there's no problem since you cannot flag if it's already removed. But for spam answer, there is a possibility that the user will think that the question itself is a spam if the answer is already removed (well, the onus is on the flagger, but with this feature, it can be prevented).

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