On the flag-summary page (aka flag-history), the wording "moderator attention flags" is very misleading, as this total is not "flag for moderator attention", as the name suggests.

It is a total of flags for both the review queue and "direct moderator attention".

I suspect the wording comes from when there were only moderators managing flags, and no community reviewing.

Suggest: Change wording to "total flags"

Example: My current flag-history on SO:

Your flagging history
154 moderator attention flags
142 deemed helpful
3 declined

I have only ever raised 2 flags to "moderator attention".

Propose Changing To:

Your flagging history
154 total flags
142 deemed helpful
3 declined

Simple and clear - total flags, which already includes total "flags to moderator".

I pondered over separating the flags, so "normal" flags and "flags to moderator" separate totals and breakdown. But they're all just "flags" to report a problem.


This has been done in the latest build. The history now has category headers of:

  • total flags
  • spam flags
  • offensive flags
  • comment flags

and will look like:

enter image description here


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