On each Stack Exchange site, you find an UNANSWERED section where all unanswered questions or questions with not upvoted answers with be listed.

In a blog post Ok, now define answered. You said:

As of today, here’s how we do it:

  • Answered Questions have at least one answer with one upvote (or accepted)
  • Unanswered Questions have no answers with upvotes (or accepted)

However, you forgot to include unanswered questions with downvoted answers to the Unanswered Questions instead, the system is labelling them as Answered Questions though the answers are downvoted.

I detected the bug when trying to answer a member's question on meta skeptics. It seems also the member had open question about it on this meta site.

Live experiment, when viewing unanswered questions:

David's answer had a vote of 0:

Then I went to downvote David's answer, it had a -1 now:

Surprisingly it got removed from the list, and it shouldn't since it is unanswered.

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